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We review the best Macbook repair locations servicing the cities of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph.

It is rare to run into problems with Apple products, as they are built with immunity to viruses that PCs get, and tend to have longer life spans provided their owners take care. However, this doesn’t stop all the little day-to-day details destroying our technology: the spilling of water on the keyboard, the charge port stops working, the screen cracks. You never know when an issue will arise, especially when you are a student and your Macbook laptop is always on the go with you.

There are numerous computer repair places around Waterloo Region and Guelph, but we have narrowed it down to the best four we could find. You will notice that the Apple store itself is missing from our list: this is because we trust the small businesses better, as they care about the service and work more than the dollar. We looked at factors including fairness of pricing, turnaround time, and expertise.  These are in no particular order, but we numbered them anyway!

#1 – Mac Repair Man – 556 King St E, Kitchener. (519) 505-0058

A repair shop whose technicians specialize in the repairing of Apple products.

mac repair man kitchener ontario

Something as simple as a water spill can destroy the computer, but if you bring it to these folks, they will be able to refurbish a used Mac for you and transfer all of your data from the old computer to the new one. Each process will be customised to your needs and budget situation. Before the work is done, the staff will explain the repairs and cost involved. They repair Macbooks, Ipads, I-Macs, iPhones, etc. For their specialisation and open communication with customers, this repair shop made it to our list. Don’t try to fix it yourself; do yourself a favour and bring it here. Official Apple stores will charge too much for the repair and convince you to buy a new laptop, when you can easily bring it to a small business like this and they will fix it in a jiffy.

#2 – OnSite Computer Services – 196 McIntyre Dr #3, Kitchener. : (519) 222-8522

This computer repair shop offers a unique repair service by visiting the client in the comfort of their home. They can also visit the workplace should you need computer help there. This saves you the trouble of finding their location, and it’s much easier for the technicians to transport their tools than it is for you to transport your computer! The repairmen will clearly explain the cause of the problem, and the repair process, leaving the client with a comfortable understanding of their computer. They will come up with a good solution for you and your needs/setup. If your service requires any ordering of parts, they will keep you updated on the delivery of these parts and when to expect installation. You’ll get great customer service, a professional attitude, and a computer fixed with expertise.

#3 – Cyber Computer – 292 Stone Rd W #7b, Guelph. (519) 265-9449

This computer shop repairs laptops, as well as sells laptops and various computer parts. However, we do not recommend fixing the computer yourself unless you are an IT person. It is evident, through the quality of service and workmanship, that the staff genuinely cares about their work.

cyber computer guelph

They will not try to upsell you; they are professionals who tend to each customer’s needs. Pricing is reasonable and described upfront, and each service job is carried out in a swift fashion so you can have your Macbook back in no time at all.

#4 – Computer Service Depot – 372 King St N, Waterloo. (519) 747-5423

This repair shop is also featured on our list of the best laptop repair shops near the University of Waterloo, and we have included them here as they handle both Mac and PC.

computer service depot

They may as well be called the Customer Service Depot. This repair shop is located in the north end of Waterloo, near the corner of King and Columbia. It is easily accessible by bus route going to and from the university. Staff is very friendly and funny, and attentive to each customer’s needs, whether you are in for a repair or a new laptop, and will share all necessary information so that you leave armed with the right knowledge of diagnosis, and the steps taken during repair. They will walk you through all possible repair options, or how to deal with the provider. We recommend going with them, as their service is speedy. Technicians are highly skilled, and you will leave feeling empowered and fearless. They can do anything from recovering data to simplifying the network use for those less computer-savvy. Should the damaged laptop be irreparable, Computer Service Depot sells laptops in a showroom that is well organized and maintains your ability to focus.

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